Adventure Machine

Save hundreds of dollars on
flights to dream destinations.

Meet Jones

Fly to each other.


Fly to and stay with each other.

Stop wasting
your time.

You have important things to do. We will find the cheap deals and send them to you.

Normal flights: $600
Flights we find: $305

Take that $295 and use it on something awesome

“But.. travel is super expensive.


There’s a better way.
The “dream trip” to Paris is possible.

The trip: A week in Paris.

Stay in a normal hotel.




Fly from New York for a normal price.

Stay with a friend.



Fly from New York for a Adventure machine price.

Epic deals

From mistake fares, to secret discounts - we make sure you get alerted asap.

Stay with Friends

See all your friends and friends-of-friends in the destination

Epic deals.

From mistake fares, to secret discounts - we make sure you get alerted asap.

Friends everywhere.

See your friends (and friends-of-friends) in the destination, so you can easily see and stay with each other when traveling.

The world is yours.

Your map with friends and friends-of-friends makes it easy to see and book stays!

Adventure Machine: Compared.

“Cheap Flight” email subscriptions

Cheap international flight deal alerts saving you hundreds of dollars per flight

Book a room, worldwide, with your friends and friends-of-friends

Custom departure airports for your flight deal alerts

Not Worldwide

Renews automatically, cancel anytime, no ads

Get 100% of all Adventure Machine flight deal alerts from your depature airports


Help & support via live chat with the StayCircles team.

$39 / year
Less than the competition!

Business Stays

StayCircles is different. On each stay,
the business traveler and host each earn money,
and the company saves 33% off the market rate.

Everybody wins.

Explore Business Stays

Friendship Stays

Friendship Stays make finding a place
to stay with a friend or a friend-of-a-friend
easy and organized.

Plus, it’s completely free.

Explore Friendship Stays

Stay with each other.

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