Business travel where everyone wins.

Book stays with friends and

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Earn thousands for yourself and your friends,
save thousands for your company.

Business Stay

StayCircles is a different way to do business travel. With each booking, the business traveler and their host each earn money, and the company saves 33% off the market rate for lodging in the area.

Everybody wins.

Stay with friends.

All your friends and friends-of-friends on a map so you can easily select and propose a stay.

Earn money.

Travel for work and stay with friends? You get paid for that. And so does your hosting friend. Your company? They save too.

Everybody wins.

Business Stay: How it works, the basics.

You have a business trip, so you book a stay with your friend (or friend-of-friend).

Stay booked with your friend

Your company pays StayCircles for your booking, saving 33% off the market rate (hotel, etc).

Company saving 33% off

You go on a business trip.

Business trip plane

You stay with a friend, or friend-of-friend.

Staying with a friend

StayCircles pays both you, the business traveler, and your friend, the host.

StayCircles pays you

Everybody wins.

Everybody wins chart

Business Travel: Compared.

Other homesharing platforms

Cost per night.


Earnings for business traveler.


Earnings for host.


Savings for business (of business traveler)


Platform fees


Stay with friends you trust in their home

Be around other people.

Host friends,
make money.

All your friends and friends-of-friends on a map so you can easily select and propose a stay.

Easy booking.

Simple process to confirm stays with friends saves you from endless texts and emails confirming details and confirms everyone’s earnings!

Business Travel: How it works, detailed storyboard.

You’re heading to Boston! You search StayCircles & find an old friend who has an available room. Bonus- it’s near your conference site!

Boston stay search

You propose a stay and enter the comparable price (what you would have paid at a hotel or another alternative) of $900 for 3 nights. Your friend gets a message that you’ve proposed a stay. They accept your proposal and you start making plans!

Stay proposal to friend in Boston

StayCircles automatically takes 33% off the comparable price, making the total cost $600, plus a $15 service fee. Your card gets charged $615. Your company saves 33%.

You company saves 33%

You head to Bean Town and have a great time attending the conference while staying with your old friend.

You heading to Bean Town

StayCircles pays your friend $285 ($300 - $15). StayCircles pays you $285 ($300 - $15). And the money is deposited directly into your bank accounts.

StayCircles pays you!

Every time you travel, you save money and strengthen connections with people you care about around the world. After all, it’s not where you go in life, it’s who you see along the way.

You save money!

Extended stays

For long term work assignments, staying with a friend can make all the difference.

Friends working together.
Friends moving boxes.


Moving to a new place for a job can be hard. Staying with friends makes it easier.

Friends moving boxes.

Friendship Stays

Friendship Stays make finding a place
to stay with a friend or a friend-of-a-friend
easy and organized.

Plus, it’s completely free.

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Cheap flights to epic destinations directly to your phone.

See and stay with friends worldwide.

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Stay with each other.

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