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Friendship Stay

Friendship Stays make finding a place to stay with your friends or a friend-of-a-friend easy and organized.

And, it’s completely free. Forever.

Friendship Stays: How it works

There’s a show you really want to see in the city this weekend, so you check out StayCircles to see who you know.

Checkout StayCircles to see who you know

You book a stay with your friend (or a friend-of-a-friend) and you’re on your way.

You book a stay with your friend

You enjoy a free place to stay and a chance to catch up with a friend (or make a new one). Invite your friend along to the show!

You enjoy a free place to stay

Last minute weekend in Ireland to celebrate a birthday?
StayCircles map is full of friends and friends-of-friends to grab a celebratory beer with?
This is the way you live, and StayCircles helps make it more awesome.


The world is your playground and adventures are your game.
Gear up.
Fill up.
Along the way meeting friends-of-friends to show you the local hidden spots?


Friendship Stays: Compared.

Other homesharing platforms

Cost per night.


Stay with friend you know and trust.

Stay with a friend-of-friend through someone you know and trust.

Map of the world with all your friends and friends-of-friends on it.

Platform fees


A month backpacking Thailand?
Go anywhere, check-out-anything-cool attitude?
The world is yours. Get on the map, and see who is waiting for you.


A month backpacking Thailand?
Grab the train to NYC for the weekend?
Book a stay with a friend on the way?
The StayCircles life.


Road Trips

Hitting the road? Staying with friends and friends-of-friends along the way will make all the difference.

Comfort of friends
The comfort of friends: the road tripper's secret weapon.
Friends on a world map.
All your friends and friends-of-friends on a world map. The world is yours.

World Trips

Taking the time to travel the world is the best decision you ever made.

Friends on a world map.
All your friends and friends-of-friends on a world map? The world is yours.

A map of your friends and friends-of-friends.



Stay with each other.

Serious privacy, simply.

StayPals are your good friends,
those you care for and enjoy
spending time with.

You share your address with StayPals.

StayPals2 are good friends of good

You share your home’s general
location with StayPals2.

StayCircles is a technology platform for you to build and enjoy you personal
network of close friends. It was built to make it easier for you to spend time with
your people.

Your trust is our honor.

Business Stays

StayCircles is different. On each stay,
the business traveler and host each earn money,
and the company saves 33% off the market rate.

Everybody wins.

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Cheap flights to epic destinations directly to your phone.

See and stay with friends worldwide.

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Stay with each other.

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