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With StayCircles Prime, you'll get 100% of all Adventure Machine flight deals notifications, see all the deals in-app, get special benefits or bonuses and receive direct user support from StayCircles. The more StayCircles is user-supported the freer we are to make StayCircles as best it can be for you.

We remain committed to our zero ads and confidentiality policy and we will never sell advertising space in our apps, or your personal data. Thank you for your support.

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Here’s what you get with StayCircles Prime


Get 100% flight deal notifications

75% of the flight deal notifications not quite enough? Got the travel bug and just GOT TO SEE the rest of the deals? Then Prime is perfect for you.

select airports

Destination and origin aiports

Want to see only flight deals to specific places? Select the continents, countries, cities or airports as your destination airports. You can also add up to 10 origin airports to keep on top of all the airports you call home.


1-1 direct chat with our team

Got a question, issue, or just want to say “What’s up team staycircles?!” - ping us anytime on our live chat. We’ll do our best to get back to you asap and get your issue resolved or your digital high-five returned!

Why StayCircles is special


StayCircles is ad-free

Hate those annoying ads? So do we. We will never sell your information to advertisers or bug you with annoying ads. Period.

Our only priority is you.

Our only priority is you.

We don’t have alternative revenue streams, partner with airlines, etc. Why? When we tell you a cheap deal is great, we want you to know you can trust us.

Your personal data is not for sale

Your personal data is not for sale

We know many companies sell data about you to make money. We don’t do that, because we work for you.


StayCircles Prime
  • Help support the StayCircles community
  • Get 100% Adventure Machine flight deal notifications
  • Chat with our team anytime
  • Choose destination and origin airports
  • Be awesome

Let’s do this.

Subscription automatically renews yearly




75% economy, first
and business class
flight deals

free / forever


Adventure MachineStayCircles Prime

100% economy, 75%
first and business
class flight deals

$20 / year

First Class

First Class FlyerStayCircles Prime First Class

100% economy, first
and business class
flight deals

$100 / year

Subscription renews automatically. Cancel anytime.
We don’t sell advertising, your data, nor profit if you book a flight.
Our priority is pure - you. Thank you for supporting us.

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